Animal Control

Jamie Knudsen
Animal Control Officer

An Overview

Animal Control provides enforcement of animal-related state statutes and all ordinances under both (chapter 6) of the City of Waycross Ordinance as it pertains to animal welfare, public health and safety, rabies control, quarantine, animal cruelty investigations, barking dogs, and animal-at-large.

On weekends with limited staff available, please be prepared when you call, observe that you are calling 911 dispatch for non-emergency calls. They will notify the officer on call who will then notify you if needed.

If you are requesting that an Animal Control Officer be dispatched to a location, you must provide a street address for the location. Anonymous callers have to give the officer their name and address. The information given will remain anonymous to the public.

For urgent after-hour matters, life-threatening to human or animal call 911 and an Animal Control Officer will be dispatched to respond.

Animal Issues

Animal-at-large: It is against the law to let your animals roam free within the city limits. Dogs must be restrained by a leash unless confined on or within the owner’s property.

Animal noise annoyance: It is a misdemeanor for a person owning or possessing an animal to allow said animal to bark, yelp, bray, or make other noises in such a matter that because of the duration or repetition of the noise.

ANIMAL CONTROL | forms include:
Animal Control Ordinance, Search for Animals & Veterinarian Reference List

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