Public Works

James Smart
Interim Public Works Director 
Betty PresleyBetty Presley
Administrative Assistant

The Public Works Division is responsible for the daily operation of garbage and trash removal, upkeep and maintenance of city cemeteries, repair and maintenance of city vehicles and equipment, maintenance of street right-of-ways, drainage ditches and canals, and park maintenance and beautification.

Specific information on departmental duties is listed below.


City Wide Service

Sanitation Services
This division services over 6,700 residential and small business customers, providing once-a-week collection of garbage and yard trash.
The monthly charge for residential garbage pickup is $13.30, 2nd can $6.99, and commercial rollout pickup is $21.22.

The monthly charge for yard trash collection is $8.54.

Businesses requiring a dumpster may contact:

Ryland Environmental, Inc. Toll Free at 1-844-562-2542

Only the rollout may be used for disposal of residential garbage. If one container is not sufficient, the city will provide an additional container for residential $6.99 and commercial $11.13. Your container must be curbside the evening before your collection day. After the collection, the emptied container must then be removed from the curbside and returned to your storage area.

Call City Hall at 1-912-287-2900

Ryland Environmental, Inc. Toll Free at 1-844-562-2542

Yard Trash
Yard trash should be placed on the curb or city right of way in one large pile (not on the street). Your trash must be ready for collection by 7:00 AM on your collection day. Limbs should be cut in eight feet lengths and no larger than eight inches in diameter. Tree removal will not be collected; this includes limbs, tree trunks, stumps or stump grindings. Do not place yard trash next any immobile objects such as light poles, mailboxes, cars, etc.

For further information Call the Public Works office at 287-2955

Household Special Pickups
Household collections
This refers to the removal of large bulky items such as appliances, mattresses, furniture, carpet and other household items. Customers may call weekly by Thursday at 12:00 noon to schedule a pickup of 5 items or less. Collections are Friday of each week.

Call the Public Works office at 287-2955 to schedule your pickup.

More than 5 Item Household collections
Customers having larger loads may call and request a special pickup. A special pickup fee of : ¼ load $36.23, ½ load $77.63, and full load $155.25 must be paid in advance to City Hall.
You will then be issued a pickup date on Tuesday or Friday.

Call the Public Works office at 287-2955 to schedule a pickup.

City Cemeteries
This department is responsible for the maintenance and care of the city’s three cemeteries, (Lott Cemetery, Oakland Cemetery & Hazzard Hill) approximately 125 acres.

Call 912-287-2968 for more information.

City Garage
This department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of approximately 225 vehicles and heavy equipment.

Call 912-287-2963 for more information.

Street and Parks
This department’s primary responsibility is to maintain public right-of-ways and parks. This includes mowing along all city streets, upkeep and grading of seven miles of dirt streets, and maintenance and beautification of city parks.
This department also cleans 27 miles of canals, maintains the drainage ditches, and is in charge of the mosquito spraying program.

Call the Public Works office at 287-2955